Day 2 Eliminate and Enhance: Healthy, Shiny Hair

Welcome to day 2!

How was day 1? Does your skin feel softer and look brighter?

For day 2 we are focussing on restoring shine and preventing further damage to your hair. I’m a believer in many kinds of fancy hair products, but nothing beats a good DIY conditioning treatment. I love this one, because of how shiny it makes my hair! Once you get over how weird it feels to smash avocados into your hair, hopefully you will love it too! Starting with damp hair will help you work the treatment in a little easier. I also prefer to quickly warm the treatment up in the microwave. I feel like it makes it smoother and able to penetrate better. Start by working the softened coconut oil in. You may need to adjust the amount based on how much hair you have. Leave that on for ten minutes while you combine the olive oil and avocado together. Make sure they are very well blended. If they aren’t you will be picking chunks of avocado out of your hair for a while…been there! I use a hand mixer. Work the avocado paste into your hair, keeping the coconut oil in as well. Pull your hair into a shower cap, or use plastic wrap to lock it all in place. Then wrap a towel around it and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. I like to blow dry the towel occasionally to keep the hair warm inside. At the end, rinse with cool water. I know, cool water is rough, but your hair loves it. It will help seal the cuticle around all that good stuff you put on it. Shampoo well and condition.  When it’s dry it should be nice and soft, with a beautiful shine!  It shouldn’t feel oily after it’s dry. If it does, you needed more thorough shampooing 🙂

Hair Mask: 2 Tablespoons coconut oil (microwaved about ten seconds to soften) 2 Tablespoons olive oil, blended with half an avocado (I have to double this for my amount of hair, feel free to adjust to fit you)

Some of my tips for keeping your hair in great shape:

Avoid brushing it when it’s wet. This can cause the hair stands to stretch and break. If you feel you have to comb it out, use a leave in conditioner and be gentle.

Protect it from heat as much as possible. If you are using heat, try a thermal protectant product.

Wash your hair less often.  By removing the natural oils from your hair, they don’t have a chance to nourish your strands.  You don’t have to wait until the point that it looks greasy, but giving it a day or two in between washes will improve the health of you hair.  At first, you may feel like your hair is overly oily, but it will eventually level out as your body learns it doesn’t need to produce as much.

Eating nutritious things will help your body look and feel it’s best.  Same goes for your hair!

Protect your locks from the sun when possible.  Those rays can be damaging and drying.

Have fun! Hope you have a great day!