French and Pull Through Braid Wrap Around

Myla loves getting her hair done.  Well, actually… she loves the bribes I give her to hold still while I do her hair, but kind of the same thing ha.  She is so funny.  I don’t understand how so much personality can fit into such a little body.  Always posing and making jokes, I love her.  I will be posting her hairstyles every now and then because she is too cute to leave out.

IMG_2190 IMG_2184 IMG_2176 IMG_2175 IMG_2173 IMG_2172 IMG_2167

Moab: Delicate Arch

Over spring break our good friends invited us to join them on a family trip to Moab, UT. They have three awesome kids about the same age as ours. We had never been there before, and were so excited to go! The trip went by way too fast, and we left already wanting to go back. Myla even asked if we could live there haha. It was incredibly beautiful, and the kids did so well hiking! We were able to go see a lot of the most well known sites. Our first big hike was to see Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. It was a couple miles round trip and I was so proud of the little kiddos. Most of the time we were trying to keep up with them! Pictures really can’t do justice to the beauty, but I’m glad we have them to help us remember it!








Myla always has to get a silly pose in the mix!IMG_1744



A Family of Four

With our darling new addition, we are now a family of four! That means time to update our family photos. My friend Becky Phillips took these for us. M is definitely not afraid to get in there and pose! She may only be five years old, but she doesn’t miss a beat. I’m feeling very blessed to have this amazing family of mine!
poulsen 14-214

poulsen 14-189

poulsen 14-139

poulsen 14-120

poulsen 14-87

poulsen 14-70

poulsen 14-50

poulsen 14-42

poulsen 14-27

poulsen 14-14

poulsen 14-2

Maternity Pictures

I’m finally getting around to posting our maternity photos (now that my babe is four months old haha) and I decided to just share some of my favorites. I was nervous to have pictures taken since I got so much larger this pregnancy, but I can look back on it now and be grateful for that giant belly. Turns out, it was carrying a nine and a half pound babe after all! My sweet friend Johanna Hallenberger took these photos. We love working with her! As my husband puts it, “she just gets us.”