A Family of Four

With our darling new addition, we are now a family of four! That means time to update our family photos. My friend Becky Phillips took these for us. M is definitely not afraid to get in there and pose! She may only be five years old, but she doesn’t miss a beat. I’m feeling very blessed to have this amazing family of mine!
poulsen 14-214

poulsen 14-189

poulsen 14-139

poulsen 14-120

poulsen 14-87

poulsen 14-70

poulsen 14-50

poulsen 14-42

poulsen 14-27

poulsen 14-14

poulsen 14-2

Newborn Babe!

Oh my! This darling babe of ours has completely changed our lives. She has such a beautiful little spirit about her. I feel like she is my magical drug because as long as I have her with me, I’m good. Ha I can be totally frustrated and I just cuddle her, and POOF happiness. It’s pretty amazing. Thank you to our photographer Johanna Hallenberger for her talent and patience!