The Big Island of Hawaii with Proof Eyewear


Growing up, I always wanted to go to Hawaii.  Since I have been married to Brian, we have now been three times! He just keeps making all my dreams come true.  We have witnessed so many beautiful things on our travels, so I thought I would share a couple from this last trip to The Big Island!  Brian and I are both wearing sunglasses from Proof Eyewear.  We LOVE them! I had such a hard time choosing my favorite pair because I wanted all of them.  The frames are made from wood so they float, which is not only awesome, but it also comes in handy with our lifestyle. We had fun taking pics of them in different places along the way!

This first spot was called Puako.  The waves crashing over the volcanic rock was incredible!  However, the most amazing part was all of the sea turtles.  THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! In one spot we counted eleven of them!  It was so neat.  We spent a lot of time exploring and listening to the ocean.



Another incredible place we visited this trip is Waipio Valley.  The water there is so beautiful that it is hard to describe.  It is bright blue and green, and the beach is black sand.  The contrast was amazing! You have to have 4 wheel drive to get down to it, so we just watched the huge waves from the top.  We saw whales all over the place this trip, so that was fun to watch too!



Next up is Akaka Falls.  We came here on our first trip to Hawaii and I have been dying to go back ever since! I took a hundred pictures of it last time, and they just don’t do it justice.  It is GIANT! Oh my goodness, and SO beautiful.  We hiked around a loop and ended up at the falls.  So many interesting flowers, trees, leaves…we even saw a neat little lizard!



I’ve saved one of my favorites for last.  The end of the road at Hawi makes me happy.  The hike is definitely longer than the other places I’ve mentioned, which is one of the things I love most about it! As you are hiking down, this(below) is your view! Amazing, right?!  The black sand is so neat, and all that lush green…the best.


We stopped halfway down to watch the whales and take in all the beauty.



As we were exploring in the valley, we found this super cool log swing! I,of course, insisted that Brian take a photo with me on it.  There wasn’t anyone around to take it, so I set up our self timer…like a fool haha!  I only had a few seconds to run over logs, rocks, and make it onto the swing.  What I didn’t think through, though, was that with all my momentum there was nothing to stop me…and, yeah.  Totally threw both Brian and I over the back of the log and we hit HARD!  Because we are so blessed, the camera just happened to go off at the perfect moment to document my enormous fail. If there was ever a time for a million laughing crying emojis it would be now.  I had so much dirt and sticks in my hair(like full on sticks) that I couldn’t even get them all out.  They are probably still in there. My favorite part, though, is that Brian is holding on for dear life to the log trying his best to save us.  I honestly laugh out loud when I look at his hand in this pic.  Oh boy.  Well, my gross bloody arm is almost all healed now, but the memory remains…and its a good one!


Our trip was incredible! We also spent some perfect days on the beach, paddle boarding, swam with dolphins and manta rays!  Truly the trip of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO

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