Long Summer Dresses with Olive Ave

Yay for summer!  I know I go on and on about how much I love it, but for real…I love it.  On the super warm days when you actually have to go somewhere other than the pool, and yoga pants are also not acceptable, I usually opt for a dress!  I feel like they are so much cooler than pants.  Also, they are pretty.  So…win win!

Olive Ave flowy maxi wrap floral dress! Women's summer style. Mom style.


Olive Ave has so many beautiful dresses! The flowers are so fun, and I love the material on them as well.  It is really soft!

Loose thick braid for long hair.

I also have worn this with a jacket and thanks to the wrapped waist, it keeps a flattering shape!  Amazing for transitioning to evening, or the cooler seasons!

See more of Olive Ave’s dresses HERE! Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far! XO



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