Hi, I’m Savanah! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.  I appreciate you! I would love for this to be a place you can find inspiration to be more bold with your passions, and to embrace and enhance the beauty in your life.

A little bit about me… I am married to my favorite person in the whole world, and love of my life, Brian. I have two darling little girls, and I’m so grateful I get to be their mother.


My life has been evolving the last couple years, and I’m finding I have a lot of interests. I decided I wanted to start blogging about the things I love, including my family and my life in general. I worked for years as a cosmetologist, and I love all things hair and beauty. I also taught exercise classes, love to cook and bake, enjoy various projects,  love to travel, and, thanks to Brian, I am learning to appreciate adventures more. I have always been a little shy and timid, but I’m slowly becoming more bold. The more I get out of my comfort zone, the more I realize what this amazing life has to offer!

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