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Hello my friends!

I’m SO excited about this! Brickyard Buffalo is a site I have loved for the last couple years.¬† They bring in a new editor every week to pull some of their favorite shops together and offer amazing items at a killer discount! I’m honored to be the editor this week and to share some of the shops I love with you ūüôā


Here are the items I love featured this week:

I will be sharing more photos of these on my Instagram and Facebook this week so you can see them all in action! Make sure you act quickly if there are things that catch your eye because they may run out.  I hope you love these as much as I do!

Have a beautiful week!

xo, Savanah

Welcoming a baby…

We finally hit the halfway mark in this pregnancy and I’m a little shocked at how fast it is going! Finding out the gender is definitely one of my favorite parts. ¬†Not just because of the gender, but also because the ultrasound is so special to see. ¬†I love seeing how everything is forming, down to the chambers in the heart. ¬†Listening to that sweet little heart beat while it pumps away is the most comforting thing. ¬†I crave that, as I have mourned the absence of it with many of my close friends and family. ¬†My heart always goes out to them.

Thankfully everything is looking great so far, and I couldn’t love this sweet babe any more! ¬†M and V have been casting their votes on gender for months, and it has been pretty split. ¬†That’s how Brian and I have felt also. ¬†We will take what we get and be so happy about it! So far all three of my pregnancies have been very different from each other so it’s hard to predict based on that. ¬†Doesn’t stop us from speculating though ūüôā

Ok, enough lollygagging! Come end of April we are so excited to welcome a baby….

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Yes, a house full of girls! I actually wrote about some of my feelings on being a “girl maker” not too long ago. If you want to read it go HERE


We decided for this reveal to just fully embrace the PINK! ¬†Even Brian haha! ¬†He grew up the only boy with four sisters so he is destined to be surrounded by girls forever. ¬†He is an amazing dad and the girls already battle for his lap space and attention, so I’m not sure how he will fit another one in there. ¬†I have faith he will figure it out ūüôā Just look how he juggles everything now!


P.S. He’s such a good sport for letting me dye his hair pink haha what a guy!


My talented friend Corrie Butler took these for us and she made it so fun! She just let us be our goofy selves and captured our chaos perfectly.  She is wonderful!View More: More:

We are so excited, and feel very blessed to have another sweet girl joining our family. ¬†I also feel so blessed to have your love and support! I have been humbled by your kind words. ¬†I’m just feeling grateful these days! Thank you for everything. XOView More: More: More: More:

First Trimester Recap

Hi! I just realized I haven’t posted to my site yet that I’m expecting. So, if you don’t follow along on Instagram or Facebook, surprise! I’m due in April, and couldn’t be more excited ūüôā

I thought I would just fill you in on how the first trimester went, since I kept the pregnancy a secret through it. ¬†I know everyone has unique experiences, and I always love hearing about them! ¬†For me personally, the first trimester is always a bit rough. ¬†This time was not as bad as my first, but tougher than my second. ¬†I had a hard time keeping food down, and it was almost impossible¬†to find foods that sounded appealing. ¬†I was super tired, and very emotional haha. ¬†Basically, a dream to be around! My poor family ūüôā I couldn’t make it through the day without at least a little nap. ¬†That part hasn’t gone away, but I’m feeling much better now! ¬†My favorite part of the first trimester is the excitement of finding out, and having your first ultrasound. ¬†It’s such a miracle! ¬†I am now feeling the babe kick, definitely showing, and I can finally eat again. ¬†We will find out the gender in a few weeks. ¬†I can’t wait! Fall style black and white outfit with thigh high black boots! Maternity friendly fashion. Dressing the bump. 1st trimester clothes!

For the next few months I will be sharing some maternity friendly looks, including this one from PinkBlush.  This top can be worn without a bump too!  It is the perfect length to pair with comfy leggings and boots this winter.
Maternity friendly outfit! Casual blouse with leggings and a sweater!

This is my first time being pregnant during winter, so I have been on the hunt for cute maternity clothes.  There are SO many on PinkBlush, I have been shopping them a lot!

I’d love to hear your pregnancy experiences, and any recommendations you might have for maternity clothes! Thanks for all your love and support so far XO


Summer Reading

With school around the corner, I know I’m going to miss having Myla at home so much. This summer we have been working on her reading so she is fresh when she heads back into the classroom. One of my favorite things to see is her reading to¬†Viv. ¬†Viv will sit there all day long and listen to her! It is so sweet.

5 (1 of 1)

We received these darling books from Bookroo and my girls LOVE them! They have board books and picture books available through monthly subscriptions.  They come wrapped up really cute, so opening them up is like Christmas! 8 (1 of 1)7 (1 of 1)

This month’s box came with two books. ¬†Myla has been reading them non-stop! She even brings them on car rides with us ūüôā¬†6 (1 of 1)

It is really sweet to see Myla improving in her reading skills. ¬†The first time she read a book to me, I couldn’t help but tear up. ¬†Some milestones just get me! It is amazing watching her grow up and I’m so grateful to be her mom.

1 (1 of 1)2 (1 of 1)

Check out Bookroo to bring a little more joy to your childrens’ life and help them love reading! Good luck with all things back to school! XO4 (1 of 1)3 (1 of 1)

Girl Maker

Being a “girl maker,” or mom of girls, is one of my favorite parts of my life. ¬†No doubt, I would love boys too, but so far I’ve been dealt the girl card, and I’m pretty happy about it! ¬†View More:

There are SO many things I have learned from raising my babes so far, and it’s clear to me everyday that I have so much more to learn. ¬†I’m ok with that, though! ¬†There are some important things I want my girls to glean. Being kind and compassionate, including to yourself, is a big one! ¬†View More:

I loved this GIRL MAKER tee from Revol Roots because it connected to my heart.  It is made of the most comfortable material and I love how simple it is!  I wear it all the time!

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I’m going to get real here. ¬†I’ve had to learn a few things the hard way, and as a result, my parenting style has changed quite a bit these last couple years. ¬†I used to parent a lot out of fear. ¬†Mainly fear that I wouldn’t teach them something they needed to know, or that they would grow up lacking some major component of life I hadn’t given them. I put so much unnecessary stress into my life everyday, even though my intentions were pure. ¬†My stress, of course, was not helping my children to be carefree, happy, and confident like I wanted them to be. ¬†Haha like I had been stressing to teach them to be! Thankfully, I hit my knees in prayer and was guided to some books that helped me come to a pretty clear realization…The only way for me to truly teach them, is for me to be what I want them to be. ¬†It was daunting and overwhelming at first. ¬†I was in a place where I knew I had a lot to work on, in many ways. ¬†Being kind to myself was not even something I was comfortable with. ¬†Looking back on it now, it’s hard to wrap my head around the daily thoughts and conversations I allowed to roll around in my brain, and even vocalize to myself. ¬†No wonder I was feeling inadequate as a wife, mother, homemaker, daughter, sister, friend, etc. ¬†Sadly, I was telling myself I was inadequate in almost every way with the hope that it would somehow motivate me to do better. ¬†Hence the fear of not raising my girls “right.”View More:

It has taken daily prayer, and intentional action every single day for the last couple years, but I’m finally in a place where I am kind to myself. ¬†I’m not perfect by any means, and I catch myself slipping all the time. ¬†All it takes, though, is one look in my daughter’s eyes to bring me back. (Or my sweet husband not letting us leave until I appologize to myslef for the self-depreciating comment I made ūüôā ) ¬†The best and most effective way to teach, in my opinion, is by example. ¬†I feel like one of the greatest gifts I, as a mother, can give my daughters is to embody the things I am trying to teach them. ¬†At first it seemed selfish to me to put so much effort in my improvement, but it has made such a difference!

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Our home has become so much more relaxed and encouraging, the more confident I become in my imperfection.  I want my girls to know how beautiful and special they are, be confident, and the rest will come! I love being a GIRL MAKER!Girl maker t shirt- gray v neck! Girl mom shirt!

Have a wonderful week! XO

Photos by Stayc Smart

Scalloped Details

There is nothing better than hanging with my girls! I love their cute little personalities and getting to spend every day with them.  I also love wearing things that make it easy to be comfortable to play around with them! Enter, this top!Scalloped top from Brick and Main! Lovely short sleeved shirt with feminine detail!

Nothing beats a top that is functional and darling! Little details really make a big difference in my opinion. The scallops on this top from Brick + Main are my favorite! The sleeves and length are also perfection.  View More:

My sweet Myla has so much energy and her silliness is contagious! I just love joking around with her.  If only I could bottle her up haha!View More: More:

I learn all my crazy faces from her! ¬†Give them a shot, a good silly face can totally brighten your day ūüôā

Photos by Stayc Smart Photography follow her HERE she is the best!

Hope you have an amazing week! Head to Brick + Main for the cutest clothes.  I seriously love them all!  XO

The Necklace that Spoke to my Heart

I first saw this necklace while looking through piece after piece of gorgeous jewelry from Roma Designer Jewelry. ¬†I was trying to choose pieces I loved and was excited to wear, but I wasn’t expecting to find something that spoke to my heart. ¬†In particular, my mother heart.


I was first drawn to it because of the beautiful Roman Glass, which I will tell you about in a bit. ¬†As I turned it over, however, I noticed a small coin on the back of the pendant. ¬†My friend explained to me that it was a Jewish bronze coin dated between 135B.C and 29A.D. The same type of coin described in the story of the “widow’s mite” found in Mark 12 of the Bible.

Mark 12:41-44

41 And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much.

42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.

43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:

44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

Roma necklace with white t shirt. Women's style and fashion.

As I stared at this beautiful coin in my hand, I felt a wave of emotion connecting me to the woman described, as well as to my Savior, Jesus Christ. ¬†I began to cry as I reflected on my role as a mother, and how it, above all else in my life, has brought me closer to Him. ¬†There are often times in my journey through motherhood where I feel like I am giving my all, just as the widow did. ¬†Although my sacrifices are not always monetary, or even physical, the spiritual and emotional effort at times, are all I have to give. ¬†I look as well to the other mothers in my life and the incredible examples that they are of completely selfless love. ¬†It doesn’t always take all that I have, sometimes it feels like I am giving of my abundance. ¬†That is the beauty of it. ¬†For me, both represent that¬†¬†I’m not doing this alone, He is near.


The beauty of this necklace doesn’t stop there. ¬†Opposite the coin, as well as these earrings, contain Roman Glass and come with a certificate of authenticity that states, “Your jewelry is inlaid with a fragment of ancient glass, discovered in an archaeological excavation in the Holy Land. ¬†The ‘patina’ (exquisite surface coloring) was created by chemical interaction with mineral-rich soil over the course of 2000 years.” Find the necklace by going HERE and searching “widow’s mite” ¬†Search “roman glass” to find the earrings and other stunning pieces.


The “patina” described gives the glass such a beautiful shimmer. ¬†Both pieces are also set in sterling silver. ¬†I love them, I cherish them, and I am grateful for the reminder they give me to give my all everyday. ¬†It is always worth it.

Photography by my sweet friend Stayc Smart @staycsmartphotography and

Have a wonderful week, XO

Seaport Stitches

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When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I remember the moment I realized how important my diaper bag would be and how much I instantly cared so much about it! I needed it to be so many things, but most of all, I needed it to look amazing. ¬†It wasn’t until after I had my baby that I realized the functionality is just as important. I wish I had this bag and clutch from Seaport Stitches when I started my mom journey! ¬†I have been obsessing over it from afar for a long time and now I get compliments on it daily. ¬†It definitely checks the “looks amazing” box! The best part about it, though, it also checks the functionality box! Some of my favorite features include the zipper across the top (keeping those sweet baby hands from emptying it all day) the pockets lining the inside, the large outside pockets, and best of all-> the convertible strap. ¬†It can be a backpack or a messenger bag style just by adjusting the clips. I never knew I could be so in love with a backpack!

My other new obsession is my diaper clutch. ¬†I almost can’t believe how much I love it. ¬†My favorite part (other than how stinkin cute it is) is the built in pocket for wipes! No more carrying around a separate wipe container, and diapers, and a wallet, and your phone, and your lipgloss, and your keys…goodness! This beauty fits IT ALL¬†in one darling¬†little package. ¬†I carry it with me all the time and when I also need toys, food, books, blankets (I could go on and on) I just throw it in my diaper bag as well. ¬†Honestly, it has made those quick trips to the store, school, or friend’s house so much nicer! They come in lots of cute designs too. ¬†Love love love! Make sure you check out these bags, they sell out crazy fast. ¬†I can totally see why!

Hope you enjoy your day! XO Thank you to Seaport Stitches for sponsoring this post! Also, thank you to Stayc Smart Photography for the photos.  Check her out on instagram @staycsmartphotography

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