First Trimester Recap

Hi! I just realized I haven’t posted to my site yet that I’m expecting. So, if you don’t follow along on Instagram or Facebook, surprise! I’m due in April, and couldn’t be more excited ūüôā

I thought I would just fill you in on how the first trimester went, since I kept the pregnancy a secret through it. ¬†I know everyone has unique experiences, and I always love hearing about them! ¬†For me personally, the first trimester is always a bit rough. ¬†This time was not as bad as my first, but tougher than my second. ¬†I had a hard time keeping food down, and it was almost impossible¬†to find foods that sounded appealing. ¬†I was super tired, and very emotional haha. ¬†Basically, a dream to be around! My poor family ūüôā I couldn’t make it through the day without at least a little nap. ¬†That part hasn’t gone away, but I’m feeling much better now! ¬†My favorite part of the first trimester is the excitement of finding out, and having your first ultrasound. ¬†It’s such a miracle! ¬†I am now feeling the babe kick, definitely showing, and I can finally eat again. ¬†We will find out the gender in a few weeks. ¬†I can’t wait! Fall style black and white outfit with thigh high black boots! Maternity friendly fashion. Dressing the bump. 1st trimester clothes!

For the next few months I will be sharing some maternity friendly looks, including this one from PinkBlush.  This top can be worn without a bump too!  It is the perfect length to pair with comfy leggings and boots this winter.
Maternity friendly outfit! Casual blouse with leggings and a sweater!

This is my first time being pregnant during winter, so I have been on the hunt for cute maternity clothes.  There are SO many on PinkBlush, I have been shopping them a lot!

I’d love to hear your pregnancy experiences, and any recommendations you might have for maternity clothes! Thanks for all your love and support so far XO


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