First Trimester Recap

Hi! I just realized I haven’t posted to my site yet that I’m expecting. So, if you don’t follow along on Instagram or Facebook, surprise! I’m due in April, and couldn’t be more excited ūüôā

I thought I would just fill you in on how the first trimester went, since I kept the pregnancy a secret through it. ¬†I know everyone has unique experiences, and I always love hearing about them! ¬†For me personally, the first trimester is always a bit rough. ¬†This time was not as bad as my first, but tougher than my second. ¬†I had a hard time keeping food down, and it was almost impossible¬†to find foods that sounded appealing. ¬†I was super tired, and very emotional haha. ¬†Basically, a dream to be around! My poor family ūüôā I couldn’t make it through the day without at least a little nap. ¬†That part hasn’t gone away, but I’m feeling much better now! ¬†My favorite part of the first trimester is the excitement of finding out, and having your first ultrasound. ¬†It’s such a miracle! ¬†I am now feeling the babe kick, definitely showing, and I can finally eat again. ¬†We will find out the gender in a few weeks. ¬†I can’t wait! Fall style black and white outfit with thigh high black boots! Maternity friendly fashion. Dressing the bump. 1st trimester clothes!

For the next few months I will be sharing some maternity friendly looks, including this one from PinkBlush.  This top can be worn without a bump too!  It is the perfect length to pair with comfy leggings and boots this winter.
Maternity friendly outfit! Casual blouse with leggings and a sweater!

This is my first time being pregnant during winter, so I have been on the hunt for cute maternity clothes.  There are SO many on PinkBlush, I have been shopping them a lot!

I’d love to hear your pregnancy experiences, and any recommendations you might have for maternity clothes! Thanks for all your love and support so far XO


Girl Maker

Being a “girl maker,” or mom of girls, is one of my favorite parts of my life. ¬†No doubt, I would love boys too, but so far I’ve been dealt the girl card, and I’m pretty happy about it! ¬†View More:

There are SO many things I have learned from raising my babes so far, and it’s clear to me everyday that I have so much more to learn. ¬†I’m ok with that, though! ¬†There are some important things I want my girls to glean. Being kind and compassionate, including to yourself, is a big one! ¬†View More:

I loved this GIRL MAKER tee from Revol Roots because it connected to my heart.  It is made of the most comfortable material and I love how simple it is!  I wear it all the time!

View More:

I’m going to get real here. ¬†I’ve had to learn a few things the hard way, and as a result, my parenting style has changed quite a bit these last couple years. ¬†I used to parent a lot out of fear. ¬†Mainly fear that I wouldn’t teach them something they needed to know, or that they would grow up lacking some major component of life I hadn’t given them. I put so much unnecessary stress into my life everyday, even though my intentions were pure. ¬†My stress, of course, was not helping my children to be carefree, happy, and confident like I wanted them to be. ¬†Haha like I had been stressing to teach them to be! Thankfully, I hit my knees in prayer and was guided to some books that helped me come to a pretty clear realization…The only way for me to truly teach them, is for me to be what I want them to be. ¬†It was daunting and overwhelming at first. ¬†I was in a place where I knew I had a lot to work on, in many ways. ¬†Being kind to myself was not even something I was comfortable with. ¬†Looking back on it now, it’s hard to wrap my head around the daily thoughts and conversations I allowed to roll around in my brain, and even vocalize to myself. ¬†No wonder I was feeling inadequate as a wife, mother, homemaker, daughter, sister, friend, etc. ¬†Sadly, I was telling myself I was inadequate in almost every way with the hope that it would somehow motivate me to do better. ¬†Hence the fear of not raising my girls “right.”View More:

It has taken daily prayer, and intentional action every single day for the last couple years, but I’m finally in a place where I am kind to myself. ¬†I’m not perfect by any means, and I catch myself slipping all the time. ¬†All it takes, though, is one look in my daughter’s eyes to bring me back. (Or my sweet husband not letting us leave until I appologize to myslef for the self-depreciating comment I made ūüôā ) ¬†The best and most effective way to teach, in my opinion, is by example. ¬†I feel like one of the greatest gifts I, as a mother, can give my daughters is to embody the things I am trying to teach them. ¬†At first it seemed selfish to me to put so much effort in my improvement, but it has made such a difference!

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Our home has become so much more relaxed and encouraging, the more confident I become in my imperfection.  I want my girls to know how beautiful and special they are, be confident, and the rest will come! I love being a GIRL MAKER!Girl maker t shirt- gray v neck! Girl mom shirt!

Have a wonderful week! XO

Photos by Stayc Smart

Flybird Tees on Repeat

An amazing tee is hard to beat!  I have had my eye on a few at Flybird for a long time, and I finally got my hands on this one and this one!  They are just as great as I imagined they would be.  The designs are so unique, and easily dressed  up or down.  I have been wearing mine on repeat since I got them!

Flybird T-shirt! Women's stripped tee with floral sleeves. Comfy casual mom life style!

This “Alive” tee is so soft! It is light and easy to wear. ¬†Not to mention the detail on the sleeve is my favorite!

flybird 6 (1 of 1)

fly 1 (1 of 1)

The “In the Clouds” tee is definitely my go-to! I can’t resist anything black, white, or grey. ¬†I love how simple it is, yet still completely original!

Flybird t shirt with contrasting sleeves! Super cute t shirt for spring. Mom style, casual comfy clothes

I love the detail on the bottom, as well as the contrast of the fabric on the sleeves.

flybird 12 (1 of 1)

These tees from Flybird are my new favorites. They are perfect for everyday! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day! We had a wonderful time celebrating with family XO

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